Monday, November 10, 2014

Gallery Shot Whiteout Magazine #35

Sick Road Gap at my home resort

Over five years I dreamed to do this spot and I was waiting for the perfect day to ride it! Yeah sure, it costed a lot of courage to ride this gap, but in the end I was fearless and concentrated to get the perfect shot.

I did a lot of sick things already on the board but, this one was till now the craziest one I made. So I am indescribable happy that Simon Ricklin has frozen this moment for ever. But finally the best thing is that this first big shot in my home resort Hohsaas has become a gallery shot in the Whiteout Magazine #35!

A Hug Thank You

I will gave a huge thank you to Ahriel form whiteout to print my shot and to Bergbahnen Hohsaas AG which supported my to realize my dream to get this spot done!

Location: Hohsaas, Photo: Simon Ricklin