Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review and Outlook


It was not the best winter I had, but we made some cool tripps, get some great pictures and had a lot of fun.
If you have read my blog from time to time you got already all news of my past season. If you did not done it yet, do it or show my bests shots of the last and passed seasons under photos.


Here I would give you a short outlook what you next can expect.
Shortly I will present you my first own movie, which will be cutted by Florian Zurbriggen. The Movie will shows you what I did last season and should be not the last one. The next one I hope you can see at the same place next year.
Here you get a taste of it.

That I can present you next year better movie as the one I will show you shortly, I'm in preparation of the next season. Therefor I write a storybook in which I consider all the best spots, which I did not yet done.
The storybook is almost finished and so I can not wait until the winter begins and hope it will have enough snow to realize all my plans.