Monday, September 8, 2014

Hangover Riding

First killed a bottle Sambuca, second get a huge headache, third killed the pow

What was that for an unbelievable weekend last winter? My Cousin, Florian Burgener, and I have been feeling sick about the bad snow and weather in our hometown. So we decided to get into a bar and kill our sadness with some alcohol.
On the road with us was also our friend Dominic Steinmann. I've you read some earlier post you know that he is a photographer and what do a good photographer? Right, he takes every chance to make a good Picture or a movie. So was it also at this evening at the New Old-inn in Saas Grund.

Nice Barmaid

The Barmaid was very nice and we did not only forget the time, we also forget what we had drunk. More I have not to tell, the rest and the day after can you see in the video below from Dominic Steinmann.