Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hike and ride @ Lauchernalp (Switzerland)

As allways at Saastal

Do you know this Feeling, it Snows the whole day and you're hungry to ride the first linies next day in the fresh pow? It's one of the best Feelings you can have. But in my hometown Saas Grund (Switzerland) and in my region the Saastal the wind is not my friend. And so was it once again those days! All the fresh pow was blown away!
You know I feeled sick but my friend, Moritz Rüedi told me, that i will go for two days with the photographer Roman Eggenberger to the Lauchernalp (Switzerland).

Enough fresh pow at Lötschental

And he should have right. Because in the Lötschental we found untracked 2 meter high fresh powder and i got back the smile in my face.

As we arrived at Lauchernalp we first hiked and rode some fresh powder linies.

Photo: Roman Eggenberger

Photo: Roman Eggenberger

Shaped result...great panoramaview

After we run a few linies wie started to shape a kicker.

Photo: Roman Eggenberger

But we the luck was not on our site and we could not get a good shot!
So we decided to enyou the beautyfull panoramaview.

Photo: Roman Eggenberger

Sorry mates, I hope I can show you soon more nice shots!