Monday, January 30, 2012

At the Top of Simplon

Cloudy weather let us be creative

The Weather was not on our side, but the clouds helped us to be creative. The two photographer Roman Eggenberger, Sandro Pollinger and I cruised by car in direction of Italy. At the top of Simplon (Switzerland) we stopped the car as we saw this spot.

Photo: Roman Eggenberger

This spot was at this day our place to be creative.

The Wall Groundwood

For me was clear, that I will raze this wall as perfect as I can! Therefore Sandro and I started shape a little kicker, it took only 4 hours, during Roman was searching the right angle for the shot of the day.

Photo: Sandro Pollinger

Photo: Sandro Pollinger

As I passed the fear about my knees, I razed the wall. The result of the day I will Show you at the and of the season in my top shots of season 2011/12.

Photo: Sandro Pollinger

Impression shot by Sandro

When the wall was new razed we hiked a round to find a unique spot for a impression shot of my self and ride a nice pow line back to my car.

Photo: Sandro Pollinger